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The little is still something!!!


It takes a labourer over 10hrs to earn that 2k…

It will take Boda Azeez to sell 40gig to make 2k.

It will take a gas station/ refiller to sell 40kg of gas to customers to make the 2k.

It will take some teachers days to work for the same 2k.

A-Express will need to iron 20 clothes to make that 2k.

It will take bike man to work for hours under a scorching sun to make that 2k.

Ask those selling biscuits, they will have to sell a lot of cartons to make that 2k.

Ordinary 2k?

It is not easy to get 2k but easy to spend.

Just close your eyes, do 1gig sub, take bike, and buy gala. The 2k is gone in minutes.

Always *appreciate* those that give you the 2k when u need it.

It is from their sweat

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