Top 5 countries with low tuition fee.

  1. CHINA

If you’re looking for countries with no tuition fees for international students in Asia, the options are slim. But affordable living costs make it a top destination to earn an education while saving money on tuition. China features some of the cheapest universities for international students in Asia, and it is the perfect location for students majoring in international business.

The only downside: most courses are taught in Mandarin. If you aren’t fluent, there are not many options for degree programs. On the other hand, if you can speak the language, not only do you have access to some of the cheapest universities for international students, but you’ll also open doors to endless international opportunities.

  • Average tuition cost for international students: ~$3,000/year
  • Popular universities to attend: Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University


With over 50 big cities and one billion people, India is a colorful destination that will open your eyes and shift your perspective. With rapid economic development, this country has grown into a desirable location for travel and study, but even as it continues to develop the cost of living remains low.

Tuition costs range from only $5,000 annually, but you’ll spend even less than this on food, accommodation, travel, and fun. Whether you want to study at a high-ranking university in New Delhi, or embrace the culture of Chennai and Jaipur, India offers some of the cheapest universities for international students and an opportunity to discover an entirely new world.

  • Average tuition cost for international students: ~$5,000/year
  • Popular universities to attend: University of Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.

3. Brazil

There are no tuition fees in Brazil in Government Funded Universities (their names start with as “Universidade Federal” or “Universidade Estadual”).

However, find out if you qualify as a foreigner for one of those universities. You must check what the policies are if you intend to apply for one of those universities, because in principle they were built to cater for Brazilian citizens.

It is easier to transfer to Brazil if your university in your country has some agreement with a “Universidade Federal”, or your government has some kind of educational l agreement with Brazil. There are good private universities all over the country.

They are expensive for Brazilians but if you are coming from North America or Western Europe, and change your currency to Brazilian Reais, it does not sound expensive. Another issue is that 99% of courses will be in Portuguese, it is a must to master the language.

4. Finland

College in Finland is free for students hailing from the European Union. However, starting in 2017, international undergraduate students wishing to earn degrees in English will pay a minimum of 1,500 EUR per year (approximately $1,776 per year), though many universities charge far more depending on the degree level and program of study.

However, doctoral students–no matter what country they’re from–as well as those pursuing their studies in Finnish or Swedish, still pay no tuition. The government also plans to offer scholarships and financial aid to international students with exceptional academic backgrounds.

5. Norway

Students willing to brave exceptionally harsh winters and one of the highest cost of living in the world might consider earning their degrees in Norway. Tuition is free at public universities, giving students the opportunity to earn degrees at top-ranked institutions such as the University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the University of Bergen.

To take advantage of free college tuition in Norway, aspiring undergraduate students from the U.S high school graduation diploma, and at least one year of college under their belts (or scores of at least 3 on three Advanced Placement exams).

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