Have you been searching with no success for job? Try Poland!


Portland is an European country with great opportunites. Have you been searching with no success for job? you can try getting a visa to Poland.

Follow the steps below.

1. Choose a job if it important for you, if not I can choose.

2. Send me a good SCAN copy of your passport (only 1 page).

3. Make a advance deposit

4. To make your work permit

5. I send you a confirmation Which we send to you by the government.

6. When the work permit is ready I send you a copy, you make the second deposit payment.

7. After receiving the second payment we make the whole package of documents and send it to you to check.

8. I will send you a package of documents by DHL.

9. After getting a visa, you make a third payment and we reserve a place for you at work.

10. We meet you at the airport and go to accommodation.

For more informations:

Please send a message to this number via Whatsapp :

Call or WhatsApp: +639616940492


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